Gulfport church bands together to pray against gun violence

Gulfport church bands together to pray against gun violence
The prayer band will be every Saturday (Source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - One church in Gulfport is calling on divine intervention to stop the violence not only across the country but right here on the Coast.

Hand in hand, members of Greater Christian Worship Center banded together, sending their petitions for peace to a higher power on Saturday morning.

"The government may not be as prompt, but God is the one who can solve the problems," said Ronald Guy, a minister at the church.

"We believe that if we come together and pray, that the Lord will make a change," said Pastor Cora Walker.

Walker said the prayer band is her way of taking action. She's bringing together her members every Saturday to pray for an end to gun violence in schools and in neighborhoods.

Guy said he believes in the power of prayer.

"I think the scripture tells us, that when two or three gather together in my name, he's right there in the midst of us. And so, when we pray together, touching and agreeing, we believe that God can handle and do anything," he said.

That's why Pastor Walker isn't limiting the circle to her members.

"Everybody around is affected some way or another. And the more that we have come out, the more that we can get together. I believe the results will be more fantastic," Walker said.

"We'll expand it as far as we can, as far as the Lord our God will let it go because it's needed everywhere."

And until they see change, Walker said they will join together every Saturday, hand in hand, lifting their voices to God, asking Him to intervene.

"Let's watch God change things," she said.

The next prayer band will be at Forrest Heights Missionary Baptist Church on Ohio Avenue in Gulfport. It starts at 9 a.m. The community is invited to attend.

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