Lovelace Drugs bringing back classic soda fountain in Ocean Springs

Lovelace Drugs bringing back classic soda fountain in Ocean Springs

Pretty soon, you could be enjoying an old-fashioned soda or ice cream treat at a classic soda fountain counter in Ocean Springs. A groundbreaking ceremony was held at Lovelace Drugs to celebrate the renovations underway.

For most of the last century, the Lovelace building in downtown Ocean Springs has kept its classic look on the outside but the inside has changed quite a bit. Now, Lovelace Drugs has a new owner, and he's returning it to what it once was.

"To design has been the hardest part. Trying to keep it as authentic as possible. We are bringing back the original soda fountain. It will be updated a little bit," said Joey Krystosek, President of Gardens Pharmacy.

The original look will be there with a few 21st-century additions, like USB chargers at the booths.

"That's modern things that you wouldn't see in the 50s. But, people will appreciate that they can come in, sit down, have lunch, or a Pink Lady, or whatever the case may be and be able to charge up their phones and things like that," said Krystosek.

Gardens Pharmacy will become Lovelace Drugs keeping the beloved name. This has Lovelace veterans pretty excited.

"Always like seeing the old time come back," Thomas Daddio said while enjoying the groundbreaking ceremony.

"It's a historical place that needs to stay here," said Barbara Jones, niece of one the original owners, Roland Lovelace.

It's meant different things to different people over the years. It's been a place to pick up prescriptions, an ice cream parlor for a date or two, or just a place to hang out.

"As a child and going to the old high school, this is where we used to come. And this is where we hung out all the time, just hanging around the drug store," said Don Jones.

With the excitement building, people can't wait to see how it will all turn out, or when they can apply for a job.

"I want to work right back there where the soda fountain is, but I want to wear my poodle skirt. We're negotiating," said Linda Bybee while peeking through the windows at the construction.

The renovations are set to be finished before the end of the summer.

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