Magnolia Middle School celebrates the legacy of Monarchs

Magnolia Middle School celebrates the legacy of Monarchs
100-year-old Inez Greene, left, was the last principal at the old Magnolia High School in Moss Point before integration.

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Thursday's official introduction to the Magnolia High School Monarch culture was not just a history trivia lesson, but a lesson in life.

Members of the Magnolia Monarchs Alumni Association came to speak to the students, including 100-year-old Inez Greene. "We had a wonderful relationship here at Magnolia," she said.

Greene was the last principal of the all black Magnolia High School Monarchs before integration.

Everywhere you look at Magnolia Middle School, there are signs of the past. Intermixed with the school's blue and grey colors are those of the Magnolia High School Monarchs.

That was the name of the old Magnolia High School that stood on the same grounds years ago, before the school became integrated.

"Every day, we make history. Every day we create history," said principal Susan Stachowski. "If you don't understand where we came from, you're not going to know where we're going."

The monarch symbol is next to the traditional tiger and there is a meeting room that houses artifacts of days gone by, but many of the current students had no idea what these historical markers were about.

"We have all these memories right there in a room in our school," said sixth grade student Keara Millender. "It's good to know that we can all see and know that there are people who are looking out for us."

"It was not just a school, but a family affair," she said. "We all loved each other and worked hard to do what was expected of the teachers. We did our job."

Greene addressed students hungry for a taste of their school's past.

"It's good to see her still living and being able to talk to the kids and give them a good mindset on how to move on in life," said eighth-grade student Breland Curry.

The theme: be the best you can be.

"It's a good lesson to know that we can all come together and become a "A" and, as a family, we can do really well and make something good of ourselves when we grow up," Keara added.

The school pride, past and present, is alive and well.

"As they were growing up, they were monarchs," Keara said. "So, this is my school and I support Moss Point. So, I feel like, I'm a Monarch."

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