Bayou View Middle School learns life lesson with homeless project

Bayou View Middle School learns life lesson with homeless project
Bayou View Middle School students load donations for homeless campers on Wednesday.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Students at Bayou View Middle School in Gulfport have been collecting supplies for a month, and Wednesday, they gave back.

Lynda Favre celebrates with every donation. More donations mean more help to the homeless.

"There's going to be a lot of grateful campers out there. Happy campers indeed," she said as students loaded clothes and food items into her trailer.

With this special donation comes a classroom lesson that could last a lifetime.

"This is a new beginning, right here," she said. "They've started something. It's like a little spark. I just expect it to ignite and catch on at other schools too."

The effort was by the gifted students as part of what is called genius hour, where students create their own outreach programs.

Two students, Marissa Wingerter and Mason D'Angelo, led the cause and got the whole school involved.

"We even got the rest of the community involved," Marissa said. "Some people outside of our school brought in donations to the front of our office, some people donated to me to bring it in and it was really great. So many people got involved."

That made the project even more significant. "The more the merrier. In that the more people that can help, the more homeless people we can help," Mason added.

The project started in January and ended earlier this month. It's expect to help 40 to 50 homeless campers.

"There's never going to be an end to people being homeless," Mason said. "So, you always have to keep on."

Their teacher, Laura Allen, believes that this is just the beginning.

"I'm so proud of them. They have the best hearts," she said. "I have just wonderful children that want to do something to make a difference in their world. That's what we need more of...being the change and we talk about that. Kindness and thinking about others."

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