Parents take 'learning walk' at Moss Point High

Parents take 'learning walk' at Moss Point High
MPHS parents took a "learning walk" on Wednesday (Source: WLOX)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - With each step into the classroom, parents got a peek into their child's education at Moss Point High on Wednesday.

"After walking around the school, I got excited. So being excited, you going to come up with all kinds of suggestions, things like that," said parent Ruben Lee.

Principal Joe Griffin said that was the goal behind the "learning walk" tour.

More than a dozen people participated in the parent advisory council's second meeting of the year.

Griffin said the walk was a unique and hands-on way to not to only show parents the positive things going on in the classroom, but to also get feedback on ways to improve.

"Their thoughts and ideas are many times just thrown to the side. But I like to take those suggestions, implement what we can. But most importantly let the parents know that their voices are heard and that their concerns matter," Griffin said.

The high school recently jumped from a D to a B rating.

Parents know their support is vital in order for the school to continue moving in the right direction.

"When you are directly involved in different endeavors at the school that the school is going through, or whatever they do, you'll know firsthand, and then you don't have an excuse not to do what is necessary to make us progress," said parent Joycelynn Lett.

As the school works to reach new achievements, Lee said he hopes more parents will get involved to be on the front lines of their child's education.

"So with the parents, I think its the single most important thing to getting your kids educated. Whatever the parents allow is what's going to happen inside the classroom," he said.

The council plans to meet once every month until the end of the year.

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