Citizens Say Long Beach Needs Change

Long Beach Mayor Robert Bass said considering the controversy in the police department, the aldermen and Bishop think that changing leadership is best for the city.

"I had a talk with him about the need to make a change," Mayor Bass said. "The best decision was a reassignment. Bishop agreed and was supportive of it."

Business owners Lynne and Shawn Montella say it's sad that the citizens are in the dark over what's happening.

"I think the people of Long Beach need to know what's going on," Shawn said. "Somebody needs to come out and say get the investigation out in the open. If there's a problem, then it needs to be handled and rectified once and for all."

His wife, Lynne, says agress.

"Everyone wants to know the truth. We have no idea what's going on," she said.

Chief Bishop did not return our two phone calls.  Two aldermen told us they decided in Tuesday night's executive session to let the mayor be their spokesperson.