City cleanup day planned in Long Beach

City cleanup day planned in Long Beach
(Photo Source: WLOX)


A new program in Long Beach aims to improve the appearance of the town and bring the community together.

City leaders are organizing a community cleanup day scheduled for March 24. The plan calls for everyone to get outside on that day and pick up trash that has been littered around the city.  

The city is holding a meeting Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 6:00 p.m. at the Long Beach Senior Activity Center to identify specific areas to clean. Officials say the floor will be open for suggestions. 

"There's several areas that we have identified already that need to be cleaned up, and the community is just wanting to do something altogether," said Jenny Levens, Community Affairs Director.

The Long Beach Police and Fire Departments are helping identify the areas that need to be maintained. 

"We have some areas in our town that really needs to be cleaned up. What's a better way to start than by cleaning your roadways up first?" said Fire Dept. Chief Mike Brown.

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