Residents: progress being made, but still far to go in East Biloxi

Residents: progress being made, but still far to go in East Biloxi
Some roads paved, but flooding remains a concern in East Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Progress is being made on the Biloxi infrastructure project, but for some, the frustration continues.

The wet yet paved roads in east Biloxi are a stark contrast to just a year ago, when mud and gravel was the norm.

"It looks a lot better over there than it does over here," said Kendrick Patterson.

Patterson lives on Fayard street, where the roads still turn to mud every time it rains. "Real muddy," he said. "It seems like they're not doing nothing. They're just digging holes."

In late 2017, Project contractor Oscar Renda paved the roads from Lee street east to Oak Street.

Much of East Biloxi remains in disarray, according to residents.

Portions of Lee street remain unpaved and there are still many pumps running throughout the neighborhood, a sign that flooding is a still a problem.

"There's not as much flooding, but it's not very much better," said Lee Street resident Xavier Thomas.

Thomas says the dust has settled down since they paved his street, but the roads are still bumpy and dangerous to drive on. That's something he'd like to see fixed.

For Patterson, the hope is simply that something changes near his home.

"I really hope that it changes, because like, I'm really tired of walking in water and I can't go out of my house when it's raining," said Patterson. "Getting stuck in the mud in a car or something like that."

Oscar Renda is still working to pave some roads, while the infrastructure work continues on others.

For updates on the construction progress, you can find a list of road closures and dates on the City of Biloxi website.

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