Moss Point Mayor takes to FaceBook after appointed police chief backs out

Moss Point Mayor takes to FaceBook after appointed police chief backs out
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MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Friday Moss Point's Mayor took to social media after residents and officials learned Keith Davis decided not to take the current chief police position. On Facebook live Mayor Mario King gave some insight into why he believed Keith Davis pulled back his decision to return as the city's police chief, and he said it had nothing to do with the salary.

"When you ask me why he didn't take the job, I think honestly the actions, and culture, and the atmosphere that he witnessed over the last week, and his experiences the last time he took this job has created some very difficult waves for him. And I think that overall, he just couldn't handle it," said King.

Mayor Mario King told those watching his Facebook live video this was a difficult week for city leaders specifically Tuesday when he says he and Alderman Sherwood Bradford had a big disagreement.

"There were some things that were said and things that were done that can't be taken back," said King.

King said the Board and the city's new human resources employee worked hard to bring Davis back to Moss Point. And while he says he's frustrated, he doesn't blame Davis for his decision. In fact, he understood.

"I think that he was all in when he did the press conference. So, I think he was all in when he did the media thing yesterday. We couldn't give him enough cushion to make him feel safe enough to join our team," said King.

The Mayor added the police chief and fire chief positions are appointed by the Board, and the Mayor calls the vote.

"We have no control whether somebody quits their job or not. When we appoint a job all we do is appoint and give a start date. It's up to them whether they start that date or not," said King.

The Mayor added he and the Board are united in finding a police chief for the city and putting the right amount of money and efforts into the police department.

Keith Davis remains at the DMR as chief of patrol. Davis has said he will assist in the search for the new chief.

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