MPHS girls get lesson on engineering from MS Power

MPHS girls get lesson on engineering from MS Power
Moss Point high schoolers take part in STEM activity. (Photo source: WLOX News)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - When you think about lip gloss and bathing products. you probably think about your appearance and relaxation but a group of girls at Moss Point High School now know what goes into creating those products. And it was all thanks to Mississippi Power's "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day."

From bath bombs, bath salts and even lip gloss, the young women at Moss Point High were introduced to the world of engineering Thursday through fun and relatable activities. Three women - two engineers and a chemist - from Mississippi Power came out to the school to give demonstrations and lessons to the teens, all of whom are enrolled in Moss Point High's career and technical education program.

"A lot of times when people think about engineering, they only think about the mechanical components of it. They think about motors. They never think the chemistry it takes to make the household products and things we love and enjoy," said student Kimberly Washington.

Using household items like Epson salt, essential oils, and food coloring, they created a product that many people buy off the shelves - bath salts.

"You had to put certain stuff in it, you had to do it the right way. Like the right way," said student Shantori Barnes.

The girls also got to create and try out their own makeup. One of those projects used shortening, honey, and food coloring to make lip gloss, which the girls got to wear afterward.

For the Mississippi Power workers, the hope is the hands-on experiments will spark a student's interest in STEM-related fields.

"They need to know that girls can do it too, that it's not just for men and if we all work together we can do it too," said Avery Turner.

Polymer Science Teacher Qwantina Barlow said this program introduces the young women to other opportunities in the workforce.

"We don't want to limit them in their opportunities. So this is a chance to kind of get their feet wet and see that there are other opportunities outside of what they might have thought," said Barlow.

While the girls were excited to leave the class with some products they can put to good use, they are also leaving with something even more important - an awareness and appreciation for all of the fields STEM offer to women.

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