Theater revives the legendary Gus Stevens Supper Club

Theater revives the legendary Gus Stevens Supper Club
An image of the famous Gus Stevens Supper Club (Photo Source: Pinterest/The Biloxians)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - This weekend, the theater at the Mary C. in Ocean Springs will be turned into a legendary nightclub from another era in Biloxi.

Gus Stevens Supper Club may be long gone, but it's not forgotten.

Live musical performances and a neon set on the stage in the Mary C. Theater transport people back in time, back to the 1950's and 60's when Gus Stevens, a legendary promoter, owned the Gus Stevens Supper Club in Biloxi.

The nightclub closed in 1975. Rafe O'Neal Worked with Gus Steven's daughter Elaine and put together the theatrical production, "Gus Stevens Revisited".

The show captures another period in the history of the coast.

"We've lost so much over the past 50 years with hurricanes. Something that everyone talks about, 43 years since it closed is Gus Stevens. I thought, wouldn't it be fun to go back and revisit that Gus Stevens era on the Gulf Coast," said O'Neal.

It was a glamorous time, and frankly, a pretty wild era in Biloxi.

Elvis Presley was known to stop by. Performers like Andy Griffith, Mel Torme and Jerry Lee Lewis hit the stage at Gus's place.

Elaine Stevens grew up around her father's club and has vivid memories."We had an array of people who came through there that taught us about how diverse life was through music, dance and comedy and drinking, dining and all sorts of wonderful things. It was an amazing lifestyle," Stevens said.

While old black and white photos tell a story of the glory days at Gus's place, musical performances rekindle that magical time."It's wonderful to see it come to life, not just with an 8 by 10, but on stage and see people reenacting the fabulous music and entertainment from back then," said Stevens.

Gus Stevens nightclub is also known as the last place where actress Jayne Mansfield performed. She died early the next morning in a car crash.

The curtain will rise on Gus Stevens Revisited Friday and Saturday nights at 8 at the Mary C. in Ocean Springs.

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