South Mississippi Strong: Jackson Co. woman dedicates her time to giving back

South Mississippi Strong: Jackson Co. woman dedicates her time to giving back

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If you've ever been to the Jackson County Animal Shelter, you probably have seen Mercede Williams.

She's only 20 years old, but her determination to do good for her community is admirable trait for a person of any age.

Her smiling face is usually the first thing to greet you when walk up to the adoption counter.

"She is definitely an inspiration to people and the way she is with customers, even on our toughest days because we do get stressed out. She gets stressed out, she's got a lot going on all the time," said Hillary Mcveay, William's best friend and co-worker.

If anyone is having a rough day, or has their hands full, Williams is the first person to come up and do whatever she can to make things better.

"She never ignores, she never turns her head to someone in need that needs help," said McVeay.

From the time she gets to work to the time she leaves, Mercede never stops moving.

When she's finished taking care of the animals and people at the shelter, she goes to school to learn how to help even more people as a pediatric nurse.

Between work, school, and being there for anyone who needs her, you would wonder how she does it all.

"It's hard to manage the time between studying, and going to school, and spending time with family and friends," said Williams.

But she does it, and says the time she gives to others is worth every second spent.

"It is. It's very worth it. I'm blessed, so I love what I do. It's hard but I love it," said Williams

Nothing will change her mind about it. She said, "Oh not at all, I would never let any of it go.

Joseph Barlow, the Director of the Jackson County Animal Shelter, considers himself lucky to have Merecde on his staff.

"One of the things that kind if resonates with me is how much guff our young people take these days, and all this talk about Millennials this, Millennials that, but Sadie is a really good example that there are a lot of great people out there of all age brackets," said Barlow. 
If you ask her why she has such a big heart, she'll give a simple answer.

"I try to treat other people the way I want to be treated. I want people to love me and care for me the way I do for them," said William.

She's believes in good karma so much that even when other people try to bring her down, she always has a reason to stay positive.

"There have been a couple of cranky people that I hope my niceness and kindness, lets them know that it's ok to be nice and kind," said William.

In the coming months, her hands are going to be even more full. She's adding online classes to her busy schedule and she's helping plan her best friend's wedding.

"[Mercede's] planned more of my wedding than anybody has already. She makes my appointments, she does everything," said Mcveay.

As long she's doing something to make someone else smile, Mercede Williams will never stop doing what she does so well.

"I hope you all find a friend like I have in your life," added Mcveay.

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