George Co. nurse charged with manslaughter files defamation lawsuit

George Co. nurse charged with manslaughter files defamation lawsuit
Carmon Brannan (Source: George Co. Sheriff's Dept)

GEORGE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The former nurse charged in the death of an inmate is suing a woman who posted comments on social media.

Carmon Sue Brannan filed the lawsuit on Feb. 13, 2018, one month after a mistrial was declared. Brannan - a former nurse at George County Correctional Facility - is accused of denying medical care to Joel Dixon, who was an inmate there when he died.

The lawsuit cites a comment made by Ashley Parnell on a Facebook post in June 2017. Parnell - who told news sources that she was one of the jurors during Brannan's trial - reportedly made the comment months before Brannan's trial began.

According to the lawsuit, Parnell's comment stated: "If she would have done her job Joel would still be alive today !!! So yes she is guilty of murder he was her responsibility as long as he was in jail and was responsible for her checking his sugar and administering his medication and bc she fell to do her job he died so hell yeah she's GUILTY it doesn't take a genius to see this !!!"

The lawsuit says Parnell's comment was libelous and misrepresented the former nurse as a murderer.

"Ashley made these reckless, wild, and unfounded accusations with willful and malicious intent to the detriment of Carmon," states the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also claims Parnell's comment was false and brought ridicule to Brannan, affecting her standing in the community and causing her to suffer severe emotional distress, depression, anxiety and sleepless nights.

"Carmon has suffered humiliation and great mental anguish and has suffered injury to her personal reputation and to her professional reputation," the lawsuit states.The comment was reportedly made on a Facebook post about Brannan withdrawing her guilty plea to manslaughter and choosing instead to go to trial. That trial resulted in a mistrial last month and is set to be heard again in front of a new panel of jurors in Vicksburg on July 28, 2018.

The lawsuit does not state how much in damages Brannan is hoping to recover but notes that the former nurse is asking for compensatory, consequential and incidental damages, as well as punitive damages and legal fees.

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