Gulfport students learn to make smart choices on the internet

Gulfport students learn to make smart choices on the internet

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The internet is all around us.

"I use YouTube, Snapchat, House Party, Instagram. I can't think of anything else," said Bayou View student Sarah Fox.

Many students at Bayou View Middle School know the internet very well.

"I use House Party, and PS4, and like the internet, like YouTube. That's it," said Bayou View student Tripp Alexander.

Tuesday, the Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport brought in Travis Logan with the organization "Protect Young Eyes" to talk to students at the school.

"We want kids to understand that all it takes is one click to be awful or awesome. So, we share principles that will help establish a healthy lifestyle using technology as opposed to one that will be dangerous," Logan said.

His message was aimed at encouraging students to think before they post on social media to prevent cyberbullying.

"Today I learned that whatever we put on the internet lasts forever, and it builds our reputation for life," said student Alex Ward.

"Whatever you post on the internet, you can't take back, and you need to be careful on what you post," said student Avery McHugh.

Organizers of the event say getting that message to students is even more important in the days following last week's school shooting in Florida. School officials across the country are dealing with online threats.

"If the students see something that's wrong on social media, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, an email, if it's wrong, say something," said Laura McMahon, member of the Junior Auxiliary Board.

Students say they'll be following one simple rule.

"You don't post stuff you wouldn't want your parents to see," said student Aiden Swank.

As they remember that every click has a consequence.

Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport will host a parent presentation, as well. That will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Bayou View Middle School gym. Parents of the Gulfport School District are invited to attend.

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