Revitalization of Biloxi causes a buzz for residents and businesses

Revitalization of Biloxi causes a buzz for residents and businesses
Business booming in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The success of a city can often be gauged by its economic growth, and by that meter, the city of Biloxi is making great strides.

With a number of new businesses including restaurants and hotels either open or under construction, city officials are working hard to bring new money into the economic fold.

"I think they're really determined. Everybody's just really dedicated," said Biloxi Resident Marcella Thomason.

Thomason left the coast after Hurricane Katrina, but returned when she saw the work being done to bring the city back to life.

"The biggest process is because of the community, everybody really pulled together," Thomason said. "It's something that kept me here in the community."

The new businesses and attractions are also paying dividends for other shops that have remained in the city like The Fillin' Station and Zeppelin's.

Employees at both restaurants say they have seen increased foot traffic since new establishments opened down the road.

"Once everybody comes in they kinda experience everything whether it's the southern hospitality, the casinos, the local hang outs, the coast life, they really really fall in love with it," she said. "They kind of find out about our little secret, kind of like I did when I came here."

I spoke to some patrons at the Fillin' Station who say while they'd like to see officials do some more work on the small craft harbor, they are certainly happy to see so much attention coming to the city.

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