South Mississippians feeling spring fever

South Mississippians feeling spring fever

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Spring was in the air on Saturday. It was the warmest and driest weekend day South Mississippi has seen in a while.

The cooler than usual winter season can't come to an end fast enough for Gulfport resident Randy Rogers.

"We did not move to the beach to run firewood through our fireplace. And I went through my third load of wood this year, and I kept thinking gosh I can't wait for the warm weather," Rogers said.

The wait for warmer weather is over for now, and Rogers took advantage of it by putting down mulch.

At Beatline Nursery in Long Beach customers like Mimi Penn couldn't wait to take advantage of the weather.

"It feels wonderful. I'm looking for things like pansies and things that will do nicely right now," Penn said.

Owner of the nursery Georgia Stasulis warned her customers that another freeze is possible over the next month. Stasulis said if you plant sensitive vegetation like flowers, you should be ready to cover them if the weather gets colder, but she does offer ideas about what's good to plant now.

"It's an excellent time to plant shrubs and trees," Stasulis said.

Even if the warmer temperatures continue, Rogers said he is going to hold off on planting.

"I'm not going to plant anything," Rogers said. "I'm just mulching and cleaning up, and then we're going to give it about another month probably around Easter time. And we'll go ahead and buy some plants then."

Now with a taste of spring, many aren't looking back at the cold temperatures.

"I'm hoping all that's over," Penn said. "I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping that's over."

According to the WLOX First Alert Forecast, daytime high temperatures aren't expected to drop below 70 degrees for the next week.

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