Moss Point residents continue to seek peace in the city

Moss Point residents continue to seek peace in the city

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Residents are still taking additional measures to stop the violence in Moss Point.

Saturday afternoon, an outreach program on Main Street continued its efforts in the fight that's been going on for the past weeks.

"It is time for the violence to stop. It is no longer acceptable. We're not putting up with it. This is our city, our community, and by any means necessary according to the will of God, we are taking our city back. We're tired of the violence. It's time for it to end," said an attendee at the event.

Delilah Jackson said she pulled all her resources together so she could see that the needs of the community were served. At the event, people had the opportunity to apply for housing assistance and GEDs. Attendees also had the opportunity to take home free clothes and food.

"We're trying to push for the community as a whole to come together to rejuvenate Moss Point. We have to be the start of the change that we want to see," said Jackson.

Jackson said she is hoping the city's youth will realize they have so much potential that shouldn't be wasted on a life of crime.

"I want to encourage them to do more with the life they have. It's not about that," added Jackson.

Attendee Chris Hogue used himself as an example. He used to be involved in crime. Now, he dedicates his life to saving young people from it.

"They can't relate to people who've never been there. How can you tell somebody something, and you've never been through it?" asked Hogue.

As the group marched through the city, hopeful for peace, they let love carry their message.

"My word is my bond, and my bond is my word. When I tell these young guys something, I mean it. And they look forward to it. When you tell somebody something, they look forward to it," said Hogue.

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