St. Martin students get high-tech lesson on Navy careers

St. Martin students get high-tech lesson on Navy careers

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - High tech equipment gave students at St. Martin High a look at what a career in the Navy could look like. The students got to use virtual reality Thursday when the U.S. Navy visited the school.

One of the Navy's Gulf Coast recruiters Shaketha Brown says the touring exhibit is getting students excited about careers they may not have thought of before.

"On the Coast, everybody knows the Seabees and, although I started as a Seabee, the Navy has over 175 careers so the more they know the better," said Brown.

The virtual reality headset simulated a Navy recon mission to put the students right in the middle of the action. "It was very realistic on the water and then how you had to drive. It felt like you were really on a boat," said senior Sierra St. Julian.

Dozens of students cycled through the experience. "I thought it was awesome. Guns were blazing and I got to drive," said senior, Matthew Rader.

Justin Wilson, a student in the robotics class at Saint Martin High was blown away by the immersive, simulated mission. "This was far beyond my expectations," he said.

Wilson understands that his interest in technology could serve well in the Navy. "My teacher used to be in the Navy and he was kind of giving me a rundown of all the jobs we could do for engineering in the Navy and all sorts of mechanical options we had," said Wilson.

Wilson's teacher, Richard Humphreys, even got to test out the virtual reality experience. He believed this recruiting tactic reinforced what he tells his class.

"I tell them that there's pretty much any career field they want to get in as long as they're willing to do it and have the discipline, it's a great opportunity," he said.

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