Saucier ball fields get more parking, new safety features

Saucier ball fields get more parking, new safety features

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Big improvements have been made to the youth ball fields in Saucier, including more places to park and more safety features.

The fields now feature a larger parking area, as well as radar displays on Saucier-Lizana Road to show drivers how fast they are going. The new radar detectors are on the east and west sides of the ball fields. Authorities have also lowered the speed in that area from 45 miles per hour to 30.

"Normally if you have those signs up, people are more prone to listen to those signs then just a regular speed limit sign," said Harrison County Parks and Recreation Director Greg Whitaker.

Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rocko said the county took out the tennis and basketball courts at the fields to make room for more parking. She also said the city has purchased land across the street from the fields to accommodate with the overflow of vehicles when there are large youth tournaments in Saucier.

"We had a parking issue on special functions on the weekend," said Todd Herron, the county's assistant road manager. "Like on the girls' softball tournament, people was actually parking on Saucier-Lizana Road, which was a very, very bad traffic problem."

In addition, the county has also added more signage on the road, including lights to get drivers to slow down near the fields.

Herron said a yellow caution light has also been placed at the entrance of the park.

"If folks will notice, coming down by the park, we also have the silver reflectors on the white lines on the road," he said.

The county said additional parking is located by the shelter, as well. Again, the county says parking across the street from the fields is strictly for overflow parking for events or games at the ball fields.

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