How to catch a stash of beads at Mardi Gras

How to catch a stash of beads at Mardi Gras

BILOXI, MS (AP) - This year's Gulf Coast Carnival Association parade rolled under perfect skies in downtown Biloxi. Thousands of people jammed the streets, looking to catch the perfect throws. Some are better at it than others.

"I have long arms. And I scream until I'm hoarse," Tina Esnault said.

Others are more crafty, like using a fishing net or even a big bag.  And never underestimate the power of good lungs.

"You just holler," Savannah Sanders said. "That's all you do, just holler. And a bunch of kids in front of you, you know, they're going to throw them to you."

Tagging along with man's best friend seems to do the trick as well.

"The dog draws them in. And waving real high does it, too," Babizzz Reeves said. "See, she just caught one. They tried to ring one around her neck."

Good reflexes are a good thing to have on any parade route.

"I just caught them. And they threw them to me and just appeared around my neck. You just have to jump and catch them with your own hands," Amari Wright said.

So you've been to Mardi Gras. You've been very successful in catching the beads, the art of the grab so to speak. Now the big question is, what are you going to do with them all?

"I'm going to send them to Amory, Mississippi to my hometown. I'll give them to my family, my grandkids, my niece and my nephew," Rosie Monroe said.

Back to catching beads. Perhaps the best method is to hold a TV camera in your hands.

The royalty for the 2018 GCCA parade was King D'Iberville, Keith Williams.  Queen Ixolib was Kate Rushton.

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