Moss Police residents react to new police chief

Moss Police residents react to new police chief

Moss Point officials may have approved a new police chief, but residents are saying it will take more than a change in leadership to curb the violence in the city.

As a funeral home manager, Joseph Fairley usually meets people at their saddest time after they've lost a loved one. Lately, he says he's meeting too many families who've lost someone to violence.

"I was born and raised here and I can't remember a time, when I was growing up, that we had a time when we experienced back to back shootings like we've had over the past few weeks," he noted.

He discussed the string of violence in Moss Point, stating, "It's sad when I have to provide services for those in those types of situations."
Even with more than 20 years dealing with death, he calls what's happening now shocking.

"You wouldn't really expect for a teenager or a child to be the one you're preparing. The norm is those who are terminally ill...those who are expected to pass away," said Fairley.

City leaders are searching for answers and hoping one solution will lie in the leadership shift at the Moss Point police department.

A familiar face, Keith Davis is preparing for round two at the helm.

In a news conference, Monday Davis announced plans to turn around policing the city. However, Fairley says it's a problem that can't be solved by one man alone. He said, "I think the community is going to need to be seriously involved."

Other Moss Point residents echoing similar words.

Michael Middleton proclaimed,  "We going to all have to come together and get this job done. Educate our children in the school system. Get that D rating to an A rating. Find jobs, 501C3 to put factories in Moss Point."

As city leaders continue to search for the answers, Fairley says there's one thing he knows for sure,"I just hope that we can find a way to stop this. This can't continue to go on."

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