Someone's impersonating an officer in Hancock County

Someone's impersonating an officer in Hancock County

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Sheriff Ricky Adam says someone is impersonating a law enforcement officer in Hancock County, and they need the public's help tracking him down.

Investigators are looking for an older model, white, full-sized pick-up truck with blue lights. It was seen performing a traffic stop in the back driveway of West Hancock Elementary School Sunday around 7:20pm.

"It was a dark rural road. He tried to pull her out of the car, grab her, and she got away," Sheriff Ricky Adam said of the driver.

Despite the driver's suspicions, Sheriff Adam said she pulled over anyway. That's why he's offering some advice to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation.

"I have two daughters in their early 20s and I tell them if it's dark and unlit, and you see blue lights, dial 911. They'll tell if it's a traffic stop. And then get to a well lit area."

Sheriff Adam said his department doesn't conduct traffic stops in unmarked cars unless the actions of the driver pose a threat to themselves or public safety.

As for that impersonator, the sheriff's department wants to hear from anyone who may have been in the area of Leetown Road and West Hancock Elementary Sunday night. If you have any information about the incident, call (228) 466-6900. Right now, officials say they have no leads.

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