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Downtown Biloxi gets ready for GCCA parade

(Photo Source: WLOX) (Photo Source: WLOX)
(Photo Source: WLOX) (Photo Source: WLOX)
(Photo Source: WLOX) (Photo Source: WLOX)

Downtown Biloxi is buzzing with excitement as the clock ticks closer to parade time.

The Gulf Coast Carnival Association and the city are putting on the finishing touches and making sure everything's ready to go. 

The evidence is popping up all over downtown Biloxi. A parade is imminent and everything has to be in place from each barrier and port-a potty, down to the last bead. 

The Mardi Gras veterans are getting excited about another year of letting the good times roll. "Favorite part would be when everyone gets on here and we're lined up hanging out having a good time," said Cole Patronas while preparing his float at the float den.

About two dozen floats are being loaded down with the goods at GCCA's storage building. "Bouncy balls, footballs, bracelets, beads, Moon Pies and a little bit of stuffed animals," listed Lucy Huffman as she got her spot on the float fixed up for the parade.

Lucy and her family have been throwing from the same float for years. Not just the same float, but the same spot on that float, and there's strategy involved. "We've just always had this spot for a long time and I really like it because it has this little area where I can put all my stuff and then underneath I can put all the extra toys and stuff to throw," said Lucy.
Most of the floats send more than just carnival throws into the crowd. Darren Cooper was getting his float ready to provide a little party music to the revelers. "That's exactly what it is about the party atmosphere and being loud," said Cooper.

In fact, there might even be a little competition going on to see which float can be the loudest. "I don't think it's something that we all talked about but everybody knows that you are," he said.

The GCCA parade rolls at one o'clock Tuesday, and we'll be bringing it to you live on air and online.
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