Moss Point welcomes Keith Davis back as police chief

Moss Point welcomes Keith Davis back as police chief

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - In a unanimous vote, city leaders in Moss Point voted to approve a new chief of police.

Moss Point's newest police chief is a familiar face in the River City. Former chief Keith Davis is returning to lead the department once again.

The Moss Point Board of Aldermen voted in favor of Davis's appointment at a special meeting Monday afternoon.

"Moss Point I stand with you tonight and I say let's fix this problem. I initially told the members of the board I was not interested in the position, then I was remembered by my idol Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He talked about the road. 'I'm tired of picking up people on the Jericho Road. I'm tired of seeing people battered, bruised and bloody,'" said Davis.

Davis served as Moss Point's police chief for three years before stepping down in 2014. Back then, Davis told WLOX News Now the decision to resign wasn't one he came to easily, but he couldn't see eye-to-eye with then-mayor Billy Broomfield.

Davis never elaborated on any specific disagreement with the mayor, and Broomfield didn't comment the on resignation.

Keith Davis comes into the job at a critical time. This change of leadership happens as the department is investigating several shootings, some deadly, all in the last few weeks.

Chief Davis said he wants to stabilize the crime in Moss Point. Some ways he hopes to do that is by putting more technology in the hands of officers, increasing training and hiring qualified staff. He said community policing will be at the top of his priority list, but he also wants residents to have a bigger voice when it comes to combating crime.

"My request to the mayor an board to establish a hotline immediately that goes directly to the chief's office," said Davis.

He said that hotline will allow people to give anonymous tips on any type of crime in the city. City leaders said hiring a new chief won't fix everything, but it's a start.

"We want to look at all the needs of the police department. Addressing the resources that they need. We talked about looking at their pay," said Alderman Wayne Lennep.

"I hope everyone in this city will respect his decisions and the decision that he will make for the police department and I hope the police department will respect him also," said Moss Point resident Mena Martin.

While there is no word yet on when Chief Davis will officially return to the department, he is ready to fix the problems plaguing city.

"The other day I heard the mayor stand and announce to the media hashtag squash it. Well I have my own hashtag and it is simple, you're either with us or you're against us," said Davis.

Shortly after leaving Moss Point, Davis was appointed Marine Patrol Chief for the Department of Marine Resources.

Davis said walking away from DMR isn't easy he says he has a great staff and a great job. Before starting at Moss Point, Davis says he has several tasks to finish at DMR.

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