Heat Keeps Some, But Not All From Biloxi Beaches

We're experiencing some of the hottest temperatures of the year here in South Mississippi, with the temperature peaking in the mid-90s.

And with the humidity, it feels even hotter than that.

The beach in West Biloxi was pretty barren Sunday afternoon, except for a newly wed couple who didn't let the heat stop them from capturing a picture perfect moment and enjoying their first weekend as a married couple.

"Like I say, we come here, every year, almost every year, and like I said, we just like the beaches," said Scott Guidry.

A few miles east, three long-time friends braved the 105-degree heat index to stroll along the beach. One of the three, Katherine McCabe, is from Arizona.

She says she's used to the heat.

"Well, we've got a wet heat here, we've got a breeze, and it feels good. We went for a little walk out there on the pier," McCabe said.

Another member of the group, Mary Yencha, is just the opposite.

She's from Pennsylvania and says she's not used to this kind of weather.

She said she'd been keeping cool by "...drinking a lot of water and staying in the air conditioning."

As for the Guidrys, while their honeymoon has been a hot one, these newlyweds say they're confident they can weather anything, as long as they're together.