St. Stanislaus Rockachaws aiming for another 4A State soccer title

St. Stanislaus Rockachaws aiming for another 4A State soccer title

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - St. Stanislaus won the 4A State trophy for three consecutive years, before the streak ended last season. Head coach Danny Patton has a talented soccer team that controls the ball and consistently attacks the net.

After 19 games, St. Stanislaus enters the second round of the 4A playoffs with 15 wins, 3 losses and a tie.

Coach Patton said, "We've got a group of senors who have led their team to where they are right now.  It's pretty much how we keep our progress going.  We keep pushing and pushing, feeding the younger guys and the younger guys keep pushing with them."

Senior Beau Rimmer has tallied 16 goals in 13 games.  Rimmer admits experience and teamwork have paid off.

"We have a chemistry that just sort of flows that makes the game really enjoyable that has benefited us throughout the season, "stated Rimmer.

Parker Slade has bagged 11 goals and says his Rockachaws teammates don't think about how they will attack an opponent...they react.

"Chemistry is unmatched, "said Slade.  "We all play select with each other growing up and we're all on the same page all the time."

St. Stanislaus has a starting eleven, but that doesn't mean the other players on the team haven't contributed to the Rockachaws success.  Junior Alex Koons explains.

" Also we can take anyone off the bench and they'll keep up the intensity just as well as the starting eleven."

The Rockachaws battle Richland at Pearl Saturday at 6 p.m.  A win and St. Stanislaus will face a familiar opponent in Pass Christian on Tuesday.  The Pirates knocked off Florence 4-3 on penalty kicks.

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