Page 13: Big honor for Coast brewmaster

Page 13: Big honor for Coast brewmaster

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The craft brewery business is booming in Mississippi. Five microbreweries now operate on the Coast. The Brewmaster at Chandeleur Brewing Company in downtown Gulfport is now included in this select group.

Brewmaster Dave Reese finds himself very busy at the brewing company. The vats are filled with original craft beer, and Reece is testing and tasting the product. All of this is part of his regular morning routine at the brewery.

"First thing in the morning we want to do is our sensory analysis of our tanks. That's when we do it because your palate will always be sharpest first thing in the morning," Reese said.

The brewmaster says making craft beer is part art and part science. Reese has to check and double check everything from temperature to the ingredient levels, to carbonation.

"Carbonation is very important to beer. It's going to deliver the head or the foam to the beer which gives you the aroma and the flavor," said Reese.

Reese has been brewing beer for more than a decade. He has become what is called the first advanced Cicerone in Mississippi and one of only 78 brewmasters in the world to hold that honor.

That certification is the equivalent to an advanced Sommelier in the wine-world meaning Reese must have knowledge of global beer styles, be familiar with beer history, and have knowledge of ingredients and the brewing process. Reece must also know certain factors like how to properly pour a beer and how to pair beers with food.

"There are different levels of flavor that we can compare with so many aspects of food," Reese said.

There are now 5 microbreweries on the Gulf Coast and Brewmaster Dave Reese's prestigious certification is another sign of how the craft beer industry is growing in South Mississippi.

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