Teachers Try Out Different Careers For The Summer

Some Coast teachers are finding out what it's like to wear a different hat this summer. It's all part of a School to Careers Program where teachers get out of the classroom and into a business environment.

The program is designed to help teachers help their students make career choices. Sheryl Blanchard isn't accustomed to sitting behind a desk at City Hall. She's usually behind a desk in a high school classroom. But for the next few weeks she's taking on a new role as a clerk at Bay St. Louis City Hall Where she will learn all aspects of City Government. "What I found out about working in city hall is you have to know a little bit about everything because this is the first place everybody calls," said the Bay High School Teacher. Today part of her training took her to the Bay St. Louis Fire Department. Where she suited up in 80 pounds of fire fighting gear. "Within the city there are certain jobs that do not require college education because they have training on the job," she told WLOX.

Wendy McRaney, who teaches high school English at Bay High, is learning from WLOX NEWS Reporter Al Showers how to do the job of a broadcast journalist. "I had no idea the number of hours a reporter puts in on a daily basis I had no idea the amount of time put in editing and before that even logging which I was unfamiliar with that term to begin with. The day is quite exciting is fun it's stressful at times." said McRaney.

The program is designed help teachers prepare students for the work force. Rusty Dempsey Ph.D., of the Bay-Waveland School District said "When the teachers go back into the classroom what we foresee is that they will be able to explain to their students why they need to know that curriculum based content , many times we hear students say why do I need to know this." Dempsey says with teachers out in the business community they'll be able to tell them why with first hand knowledge.

A $2,000 grant from the Department of Education is funding the three year Schools to Careers Program.