Local Boy Scouts Help Each Other And Environment

No dumping.

It's a simple message- one that Michael Rice hopes more people will follow.

He's a member of Boy Scout troop 205, and in order to attain the coveted eagle scout title, he and his father came up with the idea for this final project of placing informative markers on various drains.

"Talking to my dad and finding out that the Seabees were in need of help because of support over in Iraq and various other projects, I talked to one of the base representatives and he said that this was something that they needed done for a while now, so I just figured that with the help of some of these other boys that we go out and knock it out for them," said Rice.

So about 19 other troop members spent Saturday afternoon not only helping Michael fulfill his dream, but, according to Michael's father Seabee base executive officer Commander John Rice, they helped to benefit the community and the environment as well.

"We're going to be working on putting markers all around on the drains to let people know not to dump waste into the drain because it does drain ultimately into Turkey Creek and we want to make sure that residents of the housing are aware of that. It teaches the boys stewardship of the environment, it teaches them volunteerism.I think that's something that will lasts with them throughout their life to say how important it is to help others," said Rice.

And hopefully, their hard work delivering a simple message, will pay off, not only by advancing one of their own, but by getting at least one person do what they ask.

Boy Scout Troop 205 will appear in various other neighborhoods as well, promoting the same environmentally-friendly message.

The troop is based in Long Beach.