City leaders in Long Beach begin Pineville Road Sidewalk Project

City leaders in Long Beach begin Pineville Road Sidewalk Project

A plan to connect Long Beach neighborhoods is now becoming a reality.

Thursday, city leaders broke ground on a sidewalk to run along the busy Pineville Rd.

When completed students at Harper McCaughan Elementary will be able to use the pathway to walk to and from school to any of the many neighborhoods off of Pineville Rd.

"It's a very populated area, and it's a big safety factor to keep those folks from having to walk on this busy street. And it's very important to us," said Long Beach Mayor George Bass.

The project is being paid for by MDOT Federal Highway Administration and Gulf Regional Planning Commission grants along with matching funds from the city.

The sidewalk will go from Beatline Road. to the school running 1.3 miles.

"It will provide a lot of pedestrian connectivity between a lot of big subdivisions in Long Beach," said Alderman Mark Lishen. "In addition, it will get families on bicycles. If you try to ride a bicycle on Pineville Rd., you better watch it. You may get hit. So now at least you'll be able to get off the street."

Sidewalk construction is expected to take 3 to 4 months to complete.

Crosswalks will be marked with raised pavement markings, and a flashing sign will be installed to warn drivers of pedestrians crossing the street.

The city has been working on making the project a reality since 2015.

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