South Mississippi cheerleaders prepare for nationals

South Mississippi cheerleaders prepare for nationals

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Cheerleaders at Harrison Central High School are gearing up once again for the biggest cheerleading competition in the country - the UCA National Cheer Competition.

Harrison Central High's cheer squad has a rich tradition of winning. This is the 18th year that the team has won the state competition and headed to nationals.

Many of the students' nerves are on edge, but first-year coach Hartley Frederic said she has just focused on following in the footsteps of the previous coaches who led the team to the national stage.

"The stress was a little high but it was all worth it in the end when we took away that championship," said Frederic. "The competition is very stiff at national and we go against teams from all over the country that are really well prepared and it's a matter of doing what we need to do, our job, making sure every stunt hits, making sure it's clean, that way we can come back with a win."

The cheer squad leaves early Friday morning for this year's national championship, which is in Orlando.

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