Gulfport Council Promises Help For Northwood Hills Residents

The Gulfport City Council promised help to people who live in Northwood Hills and are putting up with drainage problems from a nearby subdivision that is being developed.

People who live on Loveless Drive and surrounding streets told council members that developer Terry Loveless is building a new phase of the Northwood Hills subdivision right next to them. They say whenever it rains, and especially during hard rain like the flooding that occurred last week, water rushes down the hill where the land has been cleared for new homes.

Ten homes in the neighborhood flooded last week. Residents say the drains aren't big enough to handle the water.

The developer's partner says they installed a 24 inch pipe into a ditch behind the residents homes to steer the water into Flat Branch Creek. But the developer says one of the pipes washed out of the ground and clogged up the drainage.

Residents say that's when the problems started. Northwood Hills Resident Barbara Nally says they've had massive amounts of silt wash down onto Loveless Drive and onto Government Street last Monday once again filling up drains and depositing large amounts of silt from the development into the ditch causing more water onto our property and into residents' homes. She says it's been eight days now and the developer has not returned to the site to take any corrective measures.

City Engineer Bill Powell told the council he met with the developers this morning and they asked for more time to come up with a plan to solve the drainage problems. But two council members aren't real willing to do that.

Councilman Kim Savant says he doesn't think Mr. Loveless has any intention of fixing this and that it doesn't look like he has. Savant says they've been dealing with this a long time and he would like to see that deadline set in stone and us do the work that needs to be done.

Councilman Billy Hewes says he thinks we oughtn't revoke or suspend their license from doing' any building' in the city of Gulfport at all until they get this corrected because it is inexcusable for this to go on the for the period of time that it's gone on.

Loveless's partner Carl Hamilton told WLOX News if the drainage pipe hadn't failed, the drainage system would have worked. Hamilton says he and his partner have been in business more than 30 years and they've never failed to take care of any obligation.