Crawfish Shortage Eludes the Coast

Junie Desporte's seafood business gets all crawfish he wants even though some Louisiana fishermen stopped hauling them in. They were upset that low prices meant they weren't bringing in enough money to make a substantial profit. The work stoppage made for a crawfish shortage in some areas. In fact, last weekend, some Louisiana businesses had no crawfish at all To get fishermen back to work, some dealers had to make some concessions.

"They gave the guys more money," said Desporte. "Of course, that's passed on to us which is passed on to my customers and wholesale and everything else. But the availability is we have crawfish and the price is still cheaper than it was last year and the year before."

Managers at a coast seafood restaurant have noticed the slight price hike, but they haven't had a problem keeping one of their best menu items in stock.

"We haven't had any problems having shortages of crawfish at all" said Ron Havard, assistant manager. "Our distributor says there's no shortage of them either."

Even if there was a shortage those who sell seafood here don't think a smaller supply would sink their businesses.

"We have shrimp, crabs and everything else down here. Crawfish is just another part of our business and when it plays out,.we just go with the rest of the seafood. When it comes back again in the first of the year, we're right back in it again."

by Danielle Thomas