Coast woman proves you can reach health goals no matter when you start

Coast woman proves you can reach health goals no matter when you start

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Just one month into 2018, many people are already giving up on their New Year's resolution to get healthy.

One coast woman proves it's never to late to set goals and follow through.

At 70 years old, Dora Lutz is setting records; and continuing to set goals for herself. She's already able to complete a 246-pound deadlift, among other feats.

"We plan to break national and state records," said her personal trainer Brendan Jones. "I think even at 70-years-old, it makes a tremendous difference. It's a confidence boost and gives you something to do."

She stepped up her exercise program last year and currently trains at Ironworks in Biloxi. "I'm not dependent on anyone. This made me stronger, better, I have more energy," she said.

Jones says Dora will break records in three events for her age group this year in the Masters.

This former school teacher lost 45 pounds between April and December.

While cardio work is an important part of her success, Jones says building muscle through resistance training is key to staying young; especially as we get older; because muscle protects the bones and joints.

She advised, "Think of it as bubble wrap.  If you happen to take a fall and you have that muscle mass around you you'll take that fall a lot better."

She says all it takes is proper nutrition, exercise, and determination. "It's not overnight, it's not a quick fix," described Lutz. "Sure, we'd all like to get it sucked it all out and move on, but it doesn't work that way."

For her diet, Dora usually sticks with oatmeal for breakfast and fish and veggies with brown rice or quinoa for lunch and dinner. However, she does allow an occasional cheat day. She believes proper planning is key, and that we all have the tools to get healthier.

If the gym and a trainer aren't options for you, Jones says that walking is always a good start. He also noted that processed foods; especially sugary ones, are your enemy. "Stop drinking the cokes, and cut the sugar," he said.

Dora says getting fit has changed her life, and she hopes her story will inspire others to work toward a healthier lifestyle. "My goal is to make it to 100. With power lifting, I just want to go as far as I can."

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