Moss Point teens express thoughts on city's violence

Moss Point teens express thoughts on city's violence


As city leaders look for a solution, Moss Point teenagers are voicing their concerns on violence in their community.

It's a disturbing reality for Moss Point high school senior Terrence James. The place he calls home is dealing with a recent rash of gun violence. To him and many others, the streets are seemingly not as safe as they once were. 

"It's just like something you see on TV, its not like anything you would think would happen in real life," said James. 

Moss Point Mayor Mario King recalls his childhood in the city. "My mother, when I was raised here, she had no fear of me playing outside, going to a friends house, or simply walking to school at Creole Elementary. These acts are indirectly affecting our children," he said. 

That was part of the message from Mayor King during a Tuesday morning news conference as he pushed for an end to the violence in the city.

High school sophomore Sean Dubose is concerned about the sudden uptick.

He noted, "It scares me a little bit, because I have family here and I have family that lives across Moss Point and I fear for the lives....I've seen things that you know, shouldn't have been happening in this city because Moss Point is a great city, regardless of what anybody thinks."

Makaline Jones says the many homicide investigations so far in 2018 don't tell the full story.

"Moss Point has a bad reputation of violence but the whole city, but the whole city does not consist of violence. We just have some groups do things that they know are not right but they still do it anyways," Jones explained. 

Dubose says it will take young people guiding others to get wrongdoers to do right.

Dubose asserted, "Be that beacon of light. Be that type of hope that you want your younger brother, or younger sister to look up to. Help these children understand that they don't have to be in the streets to make a come up."

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