Solid Waste Disposal May Jump 33% In Gautier

Taking out the trash is one of Don Fowler's household chores.

Every Friday morning Fowler drags it out but he says there's no guarantee it'll be picked up.

"It's lousy,"Fowler says,"I've got to hustle out here never knowing weather they are going to be here at 8:30, 9:30 must likely they won't show up today until 4 or 5 o'clock."

Fowler says sometimes there's no pick up at all.

So the idea of paying even more for solid waste disposal is aggravating.

Gautier city manager Christy Wheeler the rate hike really isn't tied to the weekly garbage pick.

Most of the additional money would pay for a new truck for city debris pick up, the high cost of fuel to run the trucks and to balance the solid waste budget.

"Those things don't come free, unfortunately. We have to pay for it somehow. It's appropriate that they come out of the solid waste fund and not out of the general fund," Wheeler says.

Wheeler says the increase comes to an extra $38 dollars a year.

"It's not that much money. People need to put it in prospective. It's not that much over the course of a year," Wheeler adds.

Many residents understand the city's situation.

"If it's for our benefit, I'm okay with it,"resident Belinda McNemar says.

"A $45 dollar increase with the way gas is going, you probably spend an extra $45 dollars a month in gas. What should it be for trash a year?" resident Steven Leggett says.

Others want to get more out of paying more.

"If they were to increase then increase the pickups to twice a week, I'd be okay with that," resident Harriet Portas says.

"If the service improves significantly, then I don't think people would have a problem with the increase," Fowler adds.