Residents speak out against gun violence in Moss Point

Residents speak out against gun violence in Moss Point

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence said the city of Moss Point has a gun violence problem. On Monday, he and residents spoke out about what they believe is the root of the problem.

"It's an extremely violent episode in someone's home. People expect and deserve to feel safe and secure in their homes," said Lawrence.

District Attorney Tony Lawrence says the home invasion that left one person dead and two others injured is just another example of how bad gun violence is in the city. Lawrence said part of the problem is an understaffed police department with a lack of resources.

"Public safety has to be the number one function of the government. And if we need to spend more money to make sure that department has the staff and resources they need, then I would strongly encourage that to occur," said Lawrence.

Moss Point resident Erica Harness also believes a bigger police presence would help curb crime in the city.

"I live out on Creole Alman Street. My neighbor's home got burglarized, and the police came around that time. But after that, I haven't seen any police in my area," said Harness.

But some residents believe crime prevention starts at home.

"I didn't know they had music they listen to to get pepped up, primed up to fight. Young folks' parents don't know what's going on," said Moss Point resident Robert Wilkerson.

"The parents that maybe don't care what their child is doing, they are worried about themselves. If those parents are held accountable, there will be a change," said Pastor of International House of Prayer Kelvin Bolden.

Charlotte Brown said community members need to start taking charge in their community.

"Mr. Wilkerson here, my next-door neighbor when I was growing up, was the original Landwood watch members. And they would literally watch the streets and make sure everything was safe, and nothing was going on. I didn't see this type of crime when I was growing up," said Charlotte Brown.

Moss Point Police Chief Calvin Hutchins is continuing to ask the public for any tips related to the recent shootings. If you know anything call police or Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers.

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