Nereids parade celebrates 51 years of Carnival fun

Nereids parade celebrates 51 years of Carnival fun

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Clear skies were in the forecast for the 51st annual Krewe of Nereids parade in Waveland.

Thousands gathered along highway 90 to enjoy the long tradition of fun. Some joined in for the very first time.

The Nereids parade is Mary Bange's introduction to Carnival.

"It is like so awesome. So awesome," she said. "We're having such a good time. All my sisters came down."

She's got a lot to take back home to Ohio. She recalled, "Lots of pictures, lots of beads and lots of good memories."

The parade drew a big crowd and a lot of floats loaded with trophies for those hungry for catches. Music, dancing and friendly entertainment added some spice to the party gumbo.

William White of Diamondhead is all about two things. "The whoopie pies and the beads," he declared.

Jeremy Niolet began his Krewe of Miss Bee Hayvin a decade ago.

"Just mainly to have a good time," he explained. "Just to keep my family off the streets and on the parade together. That way I know where everybody's at."

It is a onesie pajama party for sisters Vickie Scott and Karen Davis. "It's not just this one," Scott said. "We're wearing it at all the parades this year."

Wearing the PJs was an idea from Scott's husband. "He found the outfit and he says, 'Hmmm. I wonder if you'd wear this'," Scott said. "And I said, 'Well, of course, you know me. I like Mardi Gras. Let's party.'"

Carnival inspires Dennis Brown to make his own outfit and one for his granddaughter every year. "It's just a different culture down here," he said. "Just a fun time. That's all. We enjoy it. Just a good time. Family time."

Yasuko Mayfield is back after a long time and has someone special to enjoy it with.

"This actually is my first year in about 12 years because I've been overseas," she said. "So, yeah, it's pretty awesome to come back and actually celebrate with my daughter for the first time."

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