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Ocean Springs Students Earn Excellent Marks

Seventh and eighth grade teachers seemed to be all smiles Thursday at Ocean Springs Middle School. They like the numbers from the recent MCT results.

Compared to other 7th and 8th graders across South Mississippi, Ocean Springs scored the highest average in Math, Reading and Language. Terri Schoemann is a 7th grade math teacher.

She said "We're thrilled, very excited. The work paid off".

That hard work includes starting a new "Accelerated Math" program last year. The program challenges students who are ahead, while guiding those who are falling behind.

Schoemann said "We test them to begin with. We find out where their level is, what objectives they're strong on, ones we need to work on, and we start them there".

And there's often silence before each class, because students are required to read about an hour a day.

Language Arts Teacher Deborah Golden said "They have to have two books with them at all times. If they're a good reader, they can do well in Science, History, Math and that's why our test scores we think are going up".

In another program, students who are struggling in their classes must give up an elective and attend a remedial class.

Assistant Superintendent Mark Peresich said "Then it means they might not be able to take Art or PE. It means we're going to put them in the course that they need the most to build the skills for future success".

Teachers are eager to help their students build on their success and achieve even higher marks next time.

Schoemann said "I hope so. I'm sure we will".

The test scores are important, because they'll be used to rank each school between one and five, and determine if the schools meet the federal "No Child Left Behind" Act.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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