WLOX Editorial: Thank you Officer Garcia

WLOX Editorial: Thank you Officer Garcia

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Six-thirty pm January 22, 2018 was a typical evening in South Mississippi. The sun had set about an hour earlier. The temperature was in the 50s. Gulfport Police Officer Luis Garcia was on patrol working the evening shift. But his evening quickly became untypical.

His fellow officers were trying to stop a stolen van. Officer Garcia, a 10 year veteran, knew that other motorists could likely be hurt, so he set up his patrol car at a busy intersection to protect other motorists. And it worked. No one else was hit by the van.

But Garcia's car was broadsided with Garcia inside. At the moment that he needed to step up, he did. He was hurt pretty bad, but he is home now and recovering,

To you Officer Garcia we wish you a speedy recovery; and thank for your dedication, your courage and your sacrifice.  You truly live up to and beyond the motto: to protect and serve.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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