Pepper the Robot inspires St. Martin students

Pepper the Robot inspires St. Martin students

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Students in Saint Martin got a glimpse at the technology of the future. The purpose was to inspire them in the process.\

Students got to meet Pepper the robot, CSpire's newest community outreach ambassador. The high tech pal met with students at Saint Martin Middle School to show off it's interactive skills, and a few slick dance moves.

The students were pretty excited. "I think this will be the future," said Wade Tilley. "The possibilities are infinite because robots can do anything," agreed Jordan Barbour.

Landon Permenter loved the robot's interactive features. "It was really unique that she could sense everything around her," he said.

CSpire is using Pepper to get a younger generation on the technology train to the future. But it's more than just about inspiring students to head into the tech field... it's about bringing and keeping those jobs closer to home.

"So what we want to do is excite these kids back here to go to college and get these great degrees in computer technology, information technology, and come back to this state and fill these jobs that we have here and be able to stay in Mississippi and raise Mississippi up to a higher level when it comes to technology," said CSpire spokesperson, Anita Clarke.

It's looking like this electronic buddy is exactly the way to accomplish CSpire's goal. These guys and gals were having a blast. "I was instantly like, oh my gosh, this is so cool," said fifth-grader Cheyenne Brown.

Brown loved Pepper's charming personality, but could also see a future for herself in the tech workforce. "I saw her dance and just instantly fell in love with it and now I really want to do something with robotics. I think that 21st-century technology is amazing," said Brown.

"Children like to relate to something like that. We figured that if we can get these robots into the schools and get these young kids motivated and excited about technology, this is something they may want to do for their future," said Anita Clarke with CSpire. "That's the whole reason we brought Pepper in, to excite children, teenagers. That's the future."

CSpire brings Pepper to different schools throughout the state to get students excited about jobs in technology.

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