Climb CDC culinary students serve a hot lunch to those in need

Climb CDC culinary students serve a hot lunch to those in need

Students looking to make a change in their lives got a chance to help others in Biloxi Tuesday. The Climb Community Development Center in Gulfport, or CDC, offers students a chance to earn a GED.

"Along with that we definitely want to give back to the community in the whole process," said Kristin Britton, the culinary instructor at Climb.

While earning their GED, students also get a chance to connect with the community in ways they may not have had before through various outreach efforts.

The culinary trainees volunteered at Loaves and Fishes in Biloxi, where they cooked a meal for the non-profit and helped serve those in need.

The cause was close to many of the students’ hearts.

"I don't like to see nobody struggle in life, and I want everybody to make it, and everybody to have food, and everybody to be well taken care of," said student Gloria Jules.

According to Abe Smith, Kitchen Manager at Loaves and Fishes, it’s not just the students giving back. He believes the door swings both ways.

"This is like giving back from us to them too. So, they come in, and we teach them the basic skills from knife sharpening to prepping, to the cooking part," said Smith.

The efforts didn’t stop with a good meal. Climb CDC also reached out to barbers in the area to offer free haircuts to those enjoying a bite to eat.

"I don't get to do things like this very often. So, when they called me yesterday to do this, I was like, I'm in," said Paul Boudreaux, a local barber.

With each hair trimmed and plate fixed, more than one hundred people were fed at Loaves and Fishes Tuesday through this effort.

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