The Seabee base shooting wasn't real, but it sure felt like it

The Seabee base shooting wasn't real, but it sure felt like it

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Personnel on the Seabee Base in Gulfport are better prepared to handle any crises that may come up thanks to an intense two-week-long training exercise called Operation Solid Curtain, Citadel Shield.

Monday's training scenario was an active shooter exercise. Base commander Capt. William Whitmire calls the training invaluable.

"It's of paramount importance. If you look at other incidents that have occurred across the country, with the Washington Navy Yard, and other places, active shooter is a real threat that we train to, we train regularly," Whitmire explained.

Part of the training includes enlisting help from off base to tend to the wounded. Michael Groce is with Flight Care Rescue 5.

"They get the cities around involved, Gulfport, AMR, Flight Care so that we can get the most critical patients the definitive care quicker, well trained in it so that there are no hiccups in it while they're going through the drill," Groce said.

Notes are taken, and everything is graded to look for potential flaws, according to Whitmire.

"How you manage the consequences on the back end. Dealing with casualties, victims assistance, family assistance, all the reporting that requirements that come along when an event like this happens."

If it happens, Whitmire and other base commanders have a message for any would be terrorist or shooter.

"If there are people out there with the desire to do something other than good on our installation, what they're going to see is a very quick and very aggressive and capable response."

Operation Solid Curtain, Citadel Shield will last for two weeks.  Every Navy installation in the country and around the world is also participating in the training.

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