Moss Point citizens react to Chief Hutchins' resignation

Moss Point citizens react to Chief Hutchins' resignation
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MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - In Moss Point, citizens and city leaders are now bracing for a big change within the city's police department.

Many residents are surprised at Police Chief Calvin Hutchins' departure from his role after less than a year.

"I thought he was doing such a good job down in the police department, considering that I've been knowing Chief Hutchins pretty much all my life," said Moss Point resident Delana Sellers. "He's always wanted to be in law enforcement, he was always around Chief Bridges, and Chief Sellars."

Hutchins announced on Friday that he'd be resigning from the department in February.

However, he said he won't be going too far. His next job will still be in Jackson County.

"I'm not saying goodbye, I'm just moving on. I got another opportunity to serve in a chief law enforcement position," he explained as he sat next to Mayor Mario King.

He says he'll start his new position in May and will work closely with Mayor King and the aldermen to select and train a new police chief.

Meanwhile, Sellers echoes the sentiment of many in Moss Point, wondering why the turnover for the position seems high.

"We have had a lot of turn overs, I don't know what goes down in that particular area, that particular department, because I'm not familiar with that department," Sellers noted. "Whoever they replace Chief Hutchins with, I hope that it will be someone who continues to look out and support and protect the citizens of Moss Point."

Mayor King says an interim Police Chief has not yet been named, and city officials are still deciding how best to move forward with the decision.

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