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Don Culpepper Reports On Reaction To War Protest

As the back and forth continues over the Cindy Sheehan's protest of the war in Iraq, so does the debate over who's side of the argument is the right side.

"My husband's in the Air force so I also support the troops and what they're doing right now," says Monica Webb of Biloxi. "And I understand her. It's kinda like a double edge sword."

Even as some of the presidents Crawford neighbors were demanding that local officials clear out Sheehan and her supporters, another neighbor invited them to camp on his property instead, further magnifying the national divide over this protest, the war, and the Presidents role in both.

"I understand his position that he can't see everybody," says Deborah Crews of Jacksonville Florida. "However as a mother, she paid the ultimate sacrifice."

Sheehan's demand is simple. She wants the president to meet with her and other families who've lost relatives in Iraq.

"She's an American," says Robert Hall of Moss Point. "I know he's heard her before and if he sees her again it'll be a great thing. It will be very American of him."

But not everyone agrees with her demand or her methods.

"All we should do is support those guys," says Paul Lapeyrouse of Thibodaux  Louisana. "And President Bush is making his decisions and he's trying to preserve the right to freedom in this country."

Sheehan says her goal is to get American soldiers out of Iraq and transform the U-S into a country that's at peace. A tall order that's increased the volume of emotions over who's way to achieve that goal is the right way.

"The reason I think we're fighting over there is for freedoms and to let the Iraqi people have what we have, where we can protest and speak our minds," says Chris Madsen of New Orleans.

by Don Culpepper

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