Coast mayors attend work session with President Trump

Coast mayors attend work session with President Trump

WASHINGTON, DC (WLOX) - Some mayors from the Gulf Coast are in our nation's capital this week, meeting with President Trump and various other agencies.

The mayors, along with city leaders from all over the country, attended a forum Wednesday with the president and Vice President Mike Pence. There, they were able to address concerns about issues in their cities.

"We're partnering with the state and local governments like yours to find the most innovative ways to rebuild our roads, bridges, waterways, and airports," said President Trump. "Very important words - on-time and under budget."

The mayors of Biloxi, Gulfport, and Pascagoula were three of 100 mayors selected to attend the president's working session at the White House.

Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes says one highlight of the meeting was when President Trump talked about a planned stimulus package of more than one trillion dollars.

"They are going to try to move forward later this year, following on the heels of the tax relief that they provided for everybody," said Hewes.

According to Hewes, the city of Gulfport will benefit tremendously from the extra funds.

"We have an endless supply of needs," said Hewes. "Infrastructure mostly speaks to road construction first, even built out of a port city, anything the public relies on, that they may not think about or don't see, which is those streets and drainage and all those types of initiatives. It's critical to us functioning effectively."

The meeting also allowed Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell to bring up a big concern - base flood elevation levels. Maxwell said he wants to see them lowered back to where they were before Hurricane Katrina.

"This is a problem," said Maxwell. "We're going to be fighting it and we're going to try our best to get that turned around."

President Trump acknowledged Maxwell's attendance during the meeting, commenting on their history of working together.

"I know so much about being a mayor," said President Trump. "We have a very good friend of mine, Dane Maxwell. Stand up, Dane. We've been together a long time, Dane, a long time. Thank you very much for being here."

The city leaders from South Mississippi are hopeful they'll see results for their cities.

"These guys are new at the job and they are working through the process and we're helping them do that," said Maxwell.

Vice President Pence also spoke to the mayors at the session, discussing the work being done on the local level.

Other mayors from Mississippi that attended included: Gary Rhoads of Flowood, Charlie Dumas of Prentiss, Sally Garland of Crystal Springs, George Flaggs of Vicksburg, Percy Bland of Meridian, and Will Hill of Louisville.

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