Police investigate early morning gunfire in Biloxi

Police investigate early morning gunfire in Biloxi
No one was struck by the gunfire (Source: WLOX)
No one was struck by the gunfire (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - People in one Biloxi neighborhood are asking questions after hearing gunfire just before sunrise.

"Just six or seven gunshots. Just pow, pow, pow, pow, pow," said Charlie Bunte.

That was his wake up call around 5:30 Monday morning.

"I was almost back asleep when it happened. Of course, then I couldn't go back to sleep when it happened," he said.

Biloxi police were flooded with calls after he and his neighbors on Brasher Road woke up to gunfire instead of their alarm clocks. But when officers arrived, they found nothing struck, no one shot, and no gunman. They did find shell casings in the area that, in their words, were "consistent to a pistol."

The overnight commotion surprised residents and left them wondering what happened?

"What's going on? Is somebody going to come running past, if so get a description, pay attention to what's going on. But I never saw anything, so I just went back inside until I saw the police everywhere," said Michael Johnson, recalling his first thoughts after hearing the gunshots.

"We heard a vehicle pull off right after, but what type of vehicle it was, I don't know," said Nuafratease Kenney.

"I checked on everybody, make sure everybody is okay, and then we saw some cops with flashlights looking around in the area."

People say this is typically a quiet neighborhood, and they're not concerned by the early morning gunfire.

"I hope this is a random occurrence. I hope it's not anybody after me. I don't know," laughed Bunte.

"It's crazy everywhere. So I mean, stuff happens," said Kenney.

"One way to wake up," said Johnson.

A surprise wake up call that, for now, remains a mystery. Biloxi Police say they are investigating, but they are not actively searching for any suspects.

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