Titans of Dance tour brings celebrity dancers to Biloxi

Titans of Dance tour brings celebrity dancers to Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (AP) - Some of the world's best dancers came to South Mississippi to teach an exclusive dance session for one-day only.

Parents came from all over to let their kids take advantage of this opportunity.

"I'm just here to have fun and watch our daughters learn more, different types of dancing. I had fun," said Latressa Pritchett, she drove from Mobile so her daughter could participate.

The parents sat down to let their kids soak it all in, but it didn't take a lot of convincing to get them up and learning some new moves too.

Celebrity dance coach Fik-Shun, winner of So You Think You Can Dance, gathered up most of the parents for a quick lesson.

"My favorite part was the tick-tick, because I can't tick-tick," said Pritchett, laughing.

The Titans of Dance tour set up shop at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum early this morning. The instructors have impressive resumes, dancing for megastars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, and being featured on Broadway.

"They always get a little nervous because they're like 'oh snap, Fik-shun is teaching, what is he going to teach? I've seen what he can do. If he teaches that, we can't do it,' said Fik-Shun.

Having the right rhythm is a key component, but the star-studded faculty says that confidence is what makes a dancer stand out.

"It's super cool to have that energy and vibe off that energy," replied Fik-Shun.

That energy combined with the fresh young talent was hard to miss.

"The class was so positive, so it gave me a good impression of the people here in Biloxi," said Jaimie Goodwin, another So You Think You Can Dance all-star.

Today was the second to last stop of tour, which has been on the road since September.

"Most of us, we travel every weekend. It's towards the end of our leg now so getting places is tiring on the body after you've been on tour all weekend, so having such a great experience with the kids today helps us get through the rest of our season. It's really energizing," added Goodwin.

To wrap the day up, the best students were presented with awards and scholarships were granted to  a number of dance companies and competitions throughout the country.

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