New ministry in Moss Point reaches out to homeless

New ministry in Moss Point reaches out to homeless

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A new ministry is trying to change the image of Moss Point by reaching out to the most vulnerable with a clothing and food giveaway.

The ministry's leader, Delilah Jackson, could be the new face of the city's progress.

However, it's not her image she wants people to see.

"I wanted to actually be a reflection of Jesus Christ," she said. "So, when people see me, they don't see me but they see the Christ that dwells on the inside of me."

The giveaway provided clothing and food to the needy and homeless. There was also time for ministering to the group of supporters and those in need.

"I told my team, I said, "Every person that comes in here, I don't care how they look, I don't care how they dress, I don't care how they smell. You treat them like royalty.' "

It was the first big event for the new Releasing the Truth Ministries. Jackson's church has no building, but that is by design.

"I wanted to come out of the four walls of the church and come and help the people that needed it the most," she said.

The event was hosted by Luxury Nights Upscale Bar & Grill, owned by Benjamin and Lashunda Crandle.

"It really moved me, it touched me that she was on that level...the energy she was giving off," Benjamin Crandle said. "So she reached out to me and I accepted."

The event drew support from other ministries, including her home church.

"It's out of the box," said Rodney Beard, pastor of New Birth Reconciliation Ministry. "You know, He told us to go ye into the highways and the hedges and compel me to come in."

For a city now dealing with a recent surge in gun violence, this could be the spiritual medicine needed.

"Another shooting death and the reason being is because the city is so divided," said volunteer Lorenzo Fuller. "And what we thought, we'd come together, bring the city together."

Those involved say helping the weakest will make the city stronger.

"Oh, it will make a difference and just being here today. I've seen it make a lot of difference in different people coming in," said Alicia Pleasant Alexander, pastor of Church Upon the Rock Inc, in Saucier. "I mean, tears have been flowing and testimonies have been given."

Jackson said the clothing left over from the giveaway will be taken directly to the homeless campers.

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