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Northrop Grumman Employees Comment On Layoffs

In less than 5 months, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems will start slashing up to 9-hundred jobs from Louisiana to the Mississippi coast.

"Well its going to happen it always does anytime there is a budget cut you can count on it its coming,"says Employee Nathan Smith.

With budget reductions and a decrease in the number of contracts over the years, 5-hundred workers in Pascagoula will be handed pink slips.

"When you have several billion dollars in profit margins somewhere near 32 billion in projection then it kind of makes you wonder why would you have to layoff," says Employee T. L. Elliott.

While many employees are wondering why, others are not so surprised.

"I never count on having a job permanent its construction that's the name of the game layoffs,"says Smith.

Nathan Smith has worked 25 years at the shipyard and says he's not letting the bad news bring him down.

"All you can do is just wait and ride out and if your number comes go," says Smith.

"It is going to be tough because they are going to be a lot of people going out the gate with me and the they will all be looking for the same thing, another job,"says employee Elizabeth Gray.

Single parent Elizabeth Gray has worked for the company six years and fears the possibility of losing her job again.

"I have been laid off three times from here and I drew unemployment ..Its not much but it was enough to get me by,"says Gray.

As time winds down for some of these employees, they are still hopeful everything will be all right.

"If I should get laid off I am hoping within two or three months they will have a recall," says Gray.

"I do not feel that it is a necessity to look for another job, but in the event that it does God is on my side, then who can be against me," ay Elliott.

By Patrice Clark

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